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  • We are one of the well-established traders of various Hydrocarbon products from Middle East Countries. A proven financial benefit is ensured when you deal with RJ PETROCHEM Pvt. Ltd. against all your purchases in line with our product range..

Furnace oil

RJ's in-house chartering department has long-standing experience in chartering various vessel types, from handysize to panamax and cape.. In addition, the coal and petcoke trading desks complement one another.

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Bitumen is an oil based substance. It is a semi-solid hydrocarbon product produced by removing the lighter fractions (such as liquid petroleum gas, petrol and diesel) from heavy crude oil during the refining process.

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Low Aromatic white spirit

The offered oils are processed with the mixture of anti-oxidizing additives, corrosion inhibitors, antifoam additives, anti scuffing additives and many other chemical compounds.

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Lubricant Oil

Our manufacturing facility in the UAE houses a cutting-edge laboratory equipped with the most advanced testing and measuring equipment to help us create the best quality products in the market today.

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RJ Petrochem Pvt. Ltd. specializes in the promotion of coal trading and liquidity all over the world. We develop and maintain procedures which are the best internationally for coal trading.We develop policies, exchange.

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Low Sulphur Fuel Oil

As you already know that the trending market is marching towards a hassle free, non-polluted and a safe environment, Low Sulphur Fuel Oil plays a better role among the fuel products and creeps over furnace oil.

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Crude Oil & Commodity Prices

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